About us

   The School of Stomatology, Kunming Medical University (KMU) was started from the Dental Department of KMU founded in 1979. For the past 40 years, the school has become the best dental school in Yunnan province with advanced integrated programs for training dental professionals.

The school employs the integration model of teaching, clinical care, and research. This school has faculty and staff of 413. Among the 377  professionals, there are 51 senior faculty members, 8 mentors for Ph.D., 32 mentors for M.S.. There are 12 specialties consist of the curriculum system , which cover the fields of basic science of Stomatology.

In order to promote the oral medical services, improve the level of education and undertake the scientific research tasks, the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of KMU (The Stomatological Hospital of Yunnan Province) was founded in 2006. Over the years, the hospital enjoyed the good reputation as the research institution and medical organization in dental science. In the academic research, the hospital has 1 research institution, 6 teaching-research sections and 1 simulation laboratory. From 2005-2019, 260 research programs were successfully approved here, among which 26 were from the National Natural Foundation of China. The total research fund for this period came up to more than 27 million yuan. In recent years, more than 400 articles published in the medical journals, 50% of which has been listed into database of Science Citation Index Expanded.

Now the hospital was known as the largest and best specialized dental hospital in Yunnan province, among 161 doctors, more than 85% had awarded masterates or doctorates. It functions as the clinical treatment center for oral & maxillofacial diseases because of its professional diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.

In addition, the hospital established the good relationships, not only cooperated with the national well-known universities , but also with the international institutions, in particular with the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia. Since 2004, the hospital has joined to the International Dental Collaboration of the Mekong River (IDCMR). This October, the 14th IDCMR conference will be hosted in Kunming , we are looking forward to your presence.